Saturday, September 3, 2016

Extreme Exit Strategies

Seven years deep, I'm determining ways to officially end Extreme Appearances.
This will likely manifest in a physical publication, long hinted at.
A piece of print to expunge the records. Not the coffee table book I once imagined, but a slim photocopied volume of greatest hits.

And hanging in the website's place, digital residue.
A list of search terms to redirect your way finding.
Did you mean

Extreme Ape Hangers

Extreme Apathy

Extreme Apricot

Extreme Apple Body

Extreme Appetite Suppressants


Clean to the Extreme/Appearances

13 Extremely Unfortunate Boner Appearances

Extreme Readers: This Man Proves that Love does not Depend on Appearances!


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  2. Since you have left bloomington there has been an absence of awesome in the local art world. I have been working towards picking up the slack. I recently put on a show and walked away with a better sense of how challenging it is to sustainably facilitate such events. Good job and good luck.

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