Monday, May 11, 2020


I don't know why, but this Tweet keeps coming true.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Travel Residue

From a recent journey west. Here today...

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Back on the Blogroll, Cloth Monuments, Chicago Moments

Is it too late to say Happy New Year yet?
Is it too late to give my 10+ year old blog a snuggle?

A couple weeks ago I screen printed a cloth calendar for an old year at Cat Head Press.

Reference material here:

Now I'm back in Las Vegas making new images that parse the influence my years in Chicago had on my art education.

Sources revealed!

Bauhaus tapestries (and architecture at IIT Chicago)

Wirsum (the best one)

Crumb. I did a lot of unabashed loitering at comics stores looking at Crumb.

No resolutions, but my interest in blog maintenance has been renewed.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Blabberque at Sugar Space

A band of artists from BBQLA rode through Indianapolis on the last leg of their Fool's Journey, a migrating yearlong exhibition.
The show, staged at Sugar Space, was accompanied by a performance dinner informally referred to as Blabberque IN.
Borrowing from the concept of the Jeffersonian Dinner, the performance assembled eight artists to parse a term of art jargon in whatever medium they saw fit.
The event lifted two main aspects from the Jeffersonian formula-- uniting deliberately selected guests invested in a common mission, and holding the floor for presentation on a single topic at a time.

As moderator, I (Erin K Drew) introduced the concept by acknowledging Thomas Jefferson's fucked legacy as imperialist slave owner, and stating an intention to downplay his contributions to the evening. I conducted the night dressed as a more benign Jefferson-- a Jefferson Airplane. Operating under the maxim that If You're Not Uncomfortable You're Not Doing Performance Art, I attempted to enjoy a slaw dog prepared by guest chef, artist Tre Reising, and multiple glasses of wine.

Presentations were given by:
Matthew Batty on Transcendence
Lisa Berlin Jackson on Problematic
A Bowden on Actuality
Bryn Jackson on Institutional Critique
Anna Martinez on Built Environment
Ben Martinkus on Appropriation
Breanne Trammel on Casual Institutions

Performance mediums ran the gamut from slideshow to sound performance, publication + Q&A (Martinez) to play (Martinkus).
Trammel distributed certificates of casual authenticity, inviting participants to forge credentials for their own areas of expertise.

Bryn Jackson, an IMA employee, acknowledged the tension of his role in absentia; a tv set stand-in sped through his selfies taken with the contemporary collection. While Berlin Jackson recited a nursery rhyme recounting fraught dynamics at the 2018 Whitney Biennial ("Dana Schutz for solemn thrill/appropriating Mamie Till") and beyond, Bowden confronted BBQLA's own problematic past, performing a text that referenced artistic intruders with "good intentions."

"I like to take a walk after dinner," Matthew Batty stated before leading participants on a meandering walk around the neighborhood. Strapped with a small amplifier which blasted mysterious audio into the dark, Batty tested a trio of places to lean an aluminum ladder before resting it in a patch of the Sugar Space garden bed.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


I regret to inform you that Putty, a live art talk show hosted by the author of this blog, staged monthly at State Street Pub, is THRIVING in its second season.
Beware of your talents, freakos!

It's been an eventful last several months, but I'll let the pictures do the talking:

In April I compared notes with conceptual taxonomist Mark Dion. It was my distinct pleasure to interrogate his professional practices and philosophies, engage him in a game of Over/Under/Correctly-Rated and listen to him read his itemized receipt from Midland Antique Mall like a Sunday devotional.

May marked the official Season 2 premier of the program, where First Season Erin and Second Season Erin clashed in a half-drag power struggle, ultimately retiring to make gentle love to one another (presumably)...

But not before exploring the motivations of sound sculptor John Collins McCormick--fan and friend of boredom and brooms--swaying to the gentle drones of ontological terrorist Gwendolyn.Dot, or taking in some of the scenic vistas of Marc Fischer's Hardcore Architecture!
The prolific Fischer hosted me as a Joong Boo Resident in September 2016. The show offered an opportunity to turn the table and spotlight his discursive practice.
All of this was flatteringly profiled by Charles Fox in the local alt weekly.

This month Art Assignment host and creator Sarah Urist Green applied her extensive knowledge of art history to name a racing horse made out of pool noodles, author Bella Bravo led us through one way to write subjectively, design duo Carlson Garcia provided some deep fried dialogue and St. Louis musician Miss Lady parsed her own love of putty.

Next episode, August 4, will feature photographer Jedediah Johnson, Indianapolis-born/Boston-based Caleb Cole and artist April Knauber.
More to come!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Putty Season 2

Putty is returning for a second season, infused with fresh desperation...and this round is gonna be especially star-studded!

As a collaboration with Newfields' Contemporary Art Society, I will be in conversation with art world bulwark Mark Dion for a very special edition of Putty on Wednesday, April 18 at 7pm.

Tickets are available online and at the door of historic State Street Pub. Admission includes an exciting cocktail and entry to a Rob Funkhouser/Thollem alt-classical freakout after hours.

4/18 will also be the first opportunity to lay hands on PUTTY SEASON PASSES.
Skip the chit chat with the door guy and show your support for the program by reserving a seat for the coming months.
$25 for 5 episodes is a steal of a deal....

Online sales coming soon.

The official Putty season 2 debut will be Saturday, May 26 and details are coming in hot.
Check my instagram: @museum_putty and sign up for the Putty newsletter to get the insider trade secrets.
Thank you, I love you very much.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Monumental Publication Reissue

I've printed a new run of my book to commemorate a new professional setback!

Museum Putty is a compendium of lowlife odes to high institutions, David Byrne/Cindy Sherman erotic speculation, true tales of pain from Chicago's MCA and other instructive texts.

Please send 5 digital American dollar bills for the symbolic partial ownership of this important piece of literature to my Venmo account:

Thank you and have a nice day.