Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Call for Monumental Anecdotes

Some of you have spent many years in Indianapolis; others just a few significant weeks.
Regardless, I come to you in search of your experiences.

I have been asked to make artwork for the Harrison Center for the Arts Bicentennial celebration of the state of Indiana.
This group show will hinge on Monumentality and literally and figuratively be inspired by the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, the heavily adorned obelisk at the center of my non-mean city.

For this show, I plan to collect anecdotes from you about *monumental* experiences you have had in the vast and varied neighborhoods of Indianapolis.
I will represent your experiences in the form of fabric flags that simplify and symbolize events and blur lines between public and private history.
Ultimately, these anecdotal flag designs will be fabricated on a smaller scale and sold in the gift shop of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument itself.

What experiences count as MONUMENTAL?
I want to hear about your arguments, illnesses, and unexpected discoveries. I want tales of lust, tragedy, tragicomedy, dissociation and drunkenness.
I want to hear about the events that came to signify your experiences with specific districts of Indianpolis— from Broadripple to Fountain Sqaure, from Castelton to Englewood, to whatever happens on the westside.
If you do not know what to write, I am always interested in the conditions that produce public crying.

The artwork resulting from this project will be exhibited October 7-28 at the Harrison Center alongside a short statement culled from your testimonial.

Please limit your anecdotes to 500 words and specify the neighborhood in which your story occurred.
Submissions are needed by Thursday, September 1, 2016 and should be directed to extremeappearances@gmail.com

Your favorite flag waving Hoosier,
Erin K Drew

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