Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Museum Pity

If it’s bad make it
big red and wrong
trippped over,
hangdog empathy
for the pedestals and benches.
The Artschwager sat upon.
The crowning kicked.
The sculptures cucked.
The platinum paintings
going down in da Hall of Mirrors
refract, refract:
a Bruce Nauman two step-

the unfunnest club
My friend guarded
speed dating in the contemporary wing
when a horny patron cut her shin
on the Patty Chang.
Blood on her radio she yelled
“I’m at the Chang!”
but no one came
cuz no one knew the artist’s name.
Guards staked a flag in skin
to signify
Real contempt for the Viewer.
A construction sign
says Pardon our Process.
Maybe the pieces don’t wanna
Get got.

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