Saturday, January 9, 2016

Best Books of 2015

Reading Lynne Tillman at Jellystone

Justin and I eat dinner in the car in a downpour and he curses and bashes dishes around because we've aligned each other in two different camps:
Indoor Kid//Outdoor Kid
This Is A False Dichotomy, I think, as I plug in the pot of coffee (outside) the next morning and in a nylon chair I read a non-linear novel while tents unzip around me.
It's early.
An attendant rolls past in a golf cart festooned with a giant tinsel spider. It's Halloween weekend in July at Jellystone, and as I walk to the bathrooms I step over plastic fangs and packs of Sweet Tarts.
I watch a bee build something in the bathroom then I return to my book.
It's called "Haunted Houses!"
The air grows humid as the rain dries on the fiberglass sculpture of Yogi Bear.

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