Sunday, March 1, 2015

Vampire Hunter D(roops)

I don't know anything about manga and I'm not sure I like it.
However, I was asked to teach a class in it for teenagers recently, and reflexively said yes. I said yes because I thought it would be funny (me, teaching a class about manga!). And I knew it would provide an opportunity to do some research that I'd never be compelled to do otherwise.
I also don't really like tea.

This winter, I created a club- a nomadic club with an actively ambiguous meeting schedule- to "get into" both of these things. Eekee's Tea House has been a space for me to study anime and drink tea in the company of other humans who can provide enthusiasm and knowledge for these topics that I wouldn't be able to gather on my own.
This week at Eekee's Tea House, when the time came to watch our feature, the controller for the playstation was ominously absent.

The tea house guests and i rallied upon this opportunity to draw what we assumed happened in the movie-- Vampire Hunter D-- or at least what we hoped went down. I was lucky enough to have in attendance some of the ladies of The Droops, Indianapolis's preeminent low brow mural art squad.
The following drawings are our amateur attempts to reinterpret anime vampires through our own favorite filters (off-brand cartoons, wonky signage, raunchy teenage graffiti, tattoo flash splatter) interlaced with traces of our evening's conversation.
I have to assume our interpretations surpass whatever the original movie could possibly offer.

Emily Gable:

Ashley Windbigler

Me, EKD:

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