Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Blog Birthday!

Happy July freedom fighters and freedom fans, and happy fifth birthday to this blog. In the five years that I've been tending it, Extreme Appearances has been many things--a diversion from school work and an assignment submitted to skeptical professors, a confessional journal and a receptacle for cool-headed academic analysis, a gallery for my artwork and the stuff that inspires it by anonymous scribblers and art stars alike (ranging from shit-smeared performance artists to minimalists with remote red aluminum boners, of course).
It's been a wonky graffiti reliquary, a xeroxed flyer grotto, a font salon, a sonic outpost, a psychogeographic lint trap, a tool shed for useless parts, an archive of faded taste. Though its content is nomadic, I've always attempted to circle around certain subjects: physical space/place and digital mediation; declining subcultural tropes and their post-internet (in)significance; flawed, sloppy, and handmade sentiments and their interrelationship with slickness and distance.
I have had an opportunity to deconstruct my sense of aesthetic "taste," to find and lose my voice repeatedly.
In the spirit of collapsing antinomies, I'll be commemorating EA's fifth anniversary with an anthology zine.
Its format is to be determined and I'm excited to collect perspectives on ways the blog can be served by a tactile format. I may go so far as to crowd source funds depending on the momentum the project gathers.
Thanks for reading and stick around.
Love, EKD
Mental Titan, Emotional Mess,
The Slavish Announcer of a Series of Facts

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