Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Transmission from a Secret Location (Live Journal Reissue)

Friday night I attended the last show ever and documentary kickoff party for an historic Indianapolis "punk house" called the Secret Location. I lived there for a short period in 2005. The area in which the house stands has changed a lot since packs of feral dogs prevented me from getting in my car; the winds of gentrification have rendered the neighborhood desirable, and pushed out the possibility of the house pulling double duty as crud venue, seemingly forever.
For the documentary, I created transcripts of set lists found in the beery aftermath of rock show mornings after.

I post these historical artifacts here today alongside the Live Journal post from 2005 (r.i.p. furniture_party!) from which they were originally transcribed:

I live in a house of rock dorks,
where dudes nod their ball capped heads.
Bowls are smoked and bowels are moved,
beers are spilled
and everything's an ashtray.
It has not worked out as well as
I hoped it would but it is not
without its charms.
When I leave this world of beard
buzz and drum hands I will miss
the morning after set lists most of all.

Unearthed were the following texts:

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