Saturday, December 22, 2012

Txts with Trina

K: POLL: Would you default on all your loans/financial obligations to live in a tree with me? *side note- I will have rope to keep you from falling out.
Me: Could we have a Foreman grill?
Me: or at least a rice cooker?
K: Sorry, tin foil hats only.

K: Hung out with Kyle and Mary tonight. Magic college stories were in the air.
Me: Are da best years behind us?
K: I am going to buy a bag of Lay's original potato chips at Dorman Street. I'll give them your name...if they ask.
Me: I don't mind stealing bread from the mouths of decadence.
K: You are my goddamn hero.

Me: I am depressed. What should I write about?
K: The adventures of a cowboy hat-wearing slinky.
Me: Awww, he reckons he's a tumbleweed.

Me: I can't get pix right now :(
K: It's just a middle aged man stroking his cat. No biggie.
K: keep it classy

K: Sitting at Dorman by myself in my Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome costume thinking I'm a badass for braving wintery elements.
K: Turdly has the high score on the gaming device.
Me: Oh my god I wish I was there
K: It's a sad but real existence...wish you were here!
K: I sent some of my stories to FSDC books to see if they'll send em to the masses. How are your stories going?
Me: I just wrote one that starts at the end with me going to shoot heroin with geriatric mallwalkers but I don't know what happens before that.
Me: I love you and this painting and that is all

K: You are my spirit animal. Can we hang out when you're back in Indiana? I need your presence
K: I wish I could send you pictures. Cat pictures times 100.

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