Thursday, December 27, 2012


Protracted preaching to the converted:
In an impulsive spot of "guerilla advertising" I left a business card with my blog address and credentials(visual artist/mental titan) in a Chris Kraus book at the Big Idea (presumptuous, right?), only to have it discovered days later by internet poetess and performance artist, Laura A. Warman, somebody I already know and like. So much for slow media expanding social circles.

Laura, Stephanie Dax (filmmaker/well-dressed elf), Zoe McCloskey (interplanetary travel theoretician), and Gunner (comedian/playwright/author of Galloping Mountain) will be performing alongside me Saturday night at the Cyber Punk Apocalypse Writer's Showcase.

More favorite writers/favorite formats: Eileen Myles has created an online gallery of blurbs she has supplied for the backs of book jackets. As proven by the success of twitter poets, limited word count produces some of the best writing. Blurbs are dense nuggets of goodness, like sparkling geodes or some shit.


  1. This is so cool! did you get my letter?

  2. YES! Thank you so much! I miss you and I'll write you back.