Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A pod, a glob, a canal, panama

This blog has been floating like an occular speck away from the realm of the visual for awhile now, so linking to this podcast hosted by my friend Ian Matthews (of Zamboni Soundtracks (R.I.P.) and sometimes the attractive Zamboni Tumblr) just puts a finer point on it.:


But the pendulum will swing heavily into physicality soon enough. Weightless flight through glistening strands of interwebs will be wrapped in meat and musk, clogged with intricate coils, curdled...and other qualities not associated with digital media.
As hinted to in our conversation, I look forward to birthing GLOB: A Critical Journal in Three Dimensions into the world.

GLOB will dissect facets of the embodied experience, the heavy, the tactile, and all that which can't be effectively transmitted on a blog. The smell on your hands, the dirt under your nails, in/accessibility, geography, self via space, the interior and exterior, facades, defaced.

I hope to collect submissions in various media, leaning toward the written word, (essays, poetry, short stories), but am open to and eager to work with other media.
DEADLINE: June 1, 2012.
Please send questions, submissions, etc. to my floating headspace:
1418 S. Monon Bloomington IN 47403

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