Monday, January 2, 2012

Video Vignettes from a Korean Karaoke Bar

1. Bus explodes. Bloodied woman screams in pain. Soundtrack: "In an Mm-bop they're gone/In Mm-bop they're not there..." ("Mm-bop" by Hanson)

2. Preppy Korean man scans an English dictionary for the word "lumpen." Locates definition with finger and crumples tearfully to the floor. Soundtrack: "Holidays in the Sun" by Sex Pistols

3-5. Stalker girl falls down provocatively. Sullen woman's teardrops rain gently on piano keys. Soldier puts barrel of shotgun in his mouth. Soundtrack for all: "Thong Song" by Sisqo. ("Dumps like a truck. truck. truck. Thighs like what." etc.)

The author of this blog strongly endorses Maru Studio's private karaoke rooms on Indianapolis's far east side at Pendleton Pike. Please note that earnest geo-political conversations with your patient waitstaff--especially intiated by reluctant singers-- may result in deep discounts for future room rentals. Avoid the hot/cold fish chunks and make an attempt at any of the extensive offerings from Nirvana's repertroire for me.

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