Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Visualize Me

Extreme Appearances has been on summer vacation, (laying on the deck on its Budwesier beach towel) but is full of good ideas, some of which may possibly be executed.
1) Documentation of kids' room furniture studded with half-peeling sticker scabs.
My dude Mark Newgarden has commented that he loves finding furniture at thrift stores covered in yellowing Garbage Pail Kids stickers. Me too!
What does one do with a sticker collection anyway? I don't think it's overanalysis to call this a folk form.

2)Fireworks Names Powerpoint
Appropriately timed for July 4th, the theme of the upcoming Encyclopedia Show is EXPLOSIVES. Fireworks tend to have really great names, only vaguely indicative of what they look like (Moon Traveller with report, Tiger Shark, Southern Night). Gonna whip together a lil google-fueled powerpoint for the next show, heavy on the education.

3)Historical Reenactment Stand-up Comedy
Gonna try to debut this live, starting with an 80's era Paula Poundstone routine, note for note.

Roseanne is next on the docket.

If these ideas are not seized upon in the upcoming summer months, understand they are up for grabs. This is the nature of the internet. We share.

(I also plan to forget how to write html code through months of blog inactivity.)

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