Thursday, January 27, 2011

Import fun/Export praise

If I had my druthers, I would import the whole Bless This Mess art show and affiliated goings-on from UIC Gallery 400 to my town. I would recoup the artists with something more substantial than coffee and greasy Mexican breakfast. We'd get some hang time, see the sights. Critical fierceness. Radical queer chaos. You know, whatever.

The Star-Studded lineup of the show includes the likes of:
Robin Hustle

who I almost got citizens arrested with once, and from whom I stole a bag of soap accidentally
Edie Fake

of whom I am not an aquaintence but I understand to be a total badass and competent tattooist.
And Forced into Femininity,
the confrontational opera act of Jail Flanagan, who among being one of my favorite people ever, compiled the zine Wet Noise about non-male noise music makers.

I'll file this one under Birthday Wishes....January 29.

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