Monday, January 24, 2011

Da Great American Novelty

Comix genius and Garbage Pail Kids creator Mark Newgarden's historical capsule, Cheap Laffs, makes some compelling arguments in favor of the Novelty as being the preeminent art form of the 20th century.

So, in the same spirit that created Endangered Animal Vibrators and Cilantro Lime Chicken, I have cobbled together a new novelty, based-- like so many things--in unfortunate punning.
(a mixed media collaboration with Austin Robert Dickson)


"...Inauspicious timing."
--Mark Newgarden

(Muscular "realistic" Nut drawn by Lisa "Shitty Rose" Berlin)

Don't tread on em, Get em while they're stupid, etc.
(And just to keep ya from yr work forever, those little ta$temaker$/taskmasters at Vice went ahead and wrote a rad comprehensive overview of the career of Mr. Newgarden with pix from his house.)

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