Thursday, March 11, 2010

Scenes From a Fish Fry

Last Friday, my associate Mark and I attended a Lenten fish fry at a local Catholic church and elementary school-- incidentally the gradeschool attended by this blog's autuer.
our goal was to film an ethnographic documentary using my semi-insider status to win the confidence necessary to access some of the more mysterious corners of this phenomenon.
However, since the only boom mic we could acquire was a hairbrush tied to a broom handle we scaled back our project's scope (that's a fish joke) and just ate Cod with my parents.
Submitted for the readership's approval are our hastily collected relics.

food revue

& a pink cloud for you


  1. damnit, why did these videos not work??

  2. Make me aware of any future fish fries. Makes me pine for drunk Minnesotan catholics talking about sports.

  3. Zambonitech: i uploaded these videos as .avi files from my Canon Powershot. Both failed in the processing at the blogger site. any idea wha'happen?

  4. I haven't used Blogger's in-site video capabilities, but would probably recommend simply using Youtube regardless. You have a Flickr account, but they only seem to offer video hosting at a maximum of 90 seconds in length per file. That might open up to better options if you pay for your Flickr account. Dunno.

    Youtube requires setting up an account, but the video processing portion is fairly painless. Afterwards it offers you HTML code for the embeddable player which you just dump into your blog post.